The pinned wool dress

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All projects has a start, right? After cutting a design, I always like to just pin a few major pieces together to check how it all looks. See if alternations are needed.

I check the drape, the size and the design’s overall “flow”. What’s that? Flow? you may ask. Well… it’s kind of how pleasant the lines are to look at. Are the cut pieces placed neatly onto each other? Do cut openings – armscye, neckline, hemline – align from one pice to another without any kinks and distorted pullings? Can the fabric be gathered, pleated or eased just the way it was supposed to be, without being forced? Do the printed or woven fabric pattern look “natural” and not misplaced out of order? There are many questions to be asked. And answered.

Back to the Work Room.

Which ones are your favorite questions to ask when you view a design work process? Let me know. 😎✂️

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