Our prices include all materials needed for your standard tailoring process, such as shell-fabric, lining, canvas and other interlinings, collar felt, buttons, thread and so forth. (Remember that the amount of materials used will differ vastly regarding which item you have chosen, and hence your calculated price will do the same.)

Prices also include all fittings needed, usually 1 to 4.

A shortlist of prices

Here are our most requested products ordered in a list. They are all fully bespoke garments that require both meetings and fittings at our studio. Please calculate for the tailoring process to extend over at least 8 to 12 weeks.

Bespoke item€ *DKK *
Coat / Jacket6.70050.000
Pocket square 5003.500
* Prices include 25% VAT. Prices are for orders due in 2024.

If you didn’t find the very product you were searching for, or have inquiries regarding our tailoring processes and/or materials, feel free to contact us at stenmartin@stenmartin.com or call +45 2830 6495.

Thank you.