Detecting a suit

“Yes! It’s today my new project starts – documenting ‘How to make a bespoke suit!” The tailor felt a sudden flash of pride, but also just a bit nervous and somewhat exhilarated too.

Sure, he didn’t have any academic training and wasn’t especially good with words or writing either. But, at the same time he was sure that this had to be done. He had a story to tell – a compelling need to share his love for his trade. Since he felt that many seemed to have given up on the idea of meeting ‘a locally based tailor, who made things from scratch and had a glowing will to make things as passionately thoroughly as just possible’ (as a local journalist had written about him some 10 years ago) he felt he had to make this documentation himself.

“Given up on the idea… well, maybe more lost contact with…” he corrected himself. He wasn’t sure that people in general had rejected passionate garment-making, maybe it was more of a communication thing – that people thought time had lost contact with skills like his, that they simply didn’t exist anymore. Thoroughly made garments, that is… “Well we have to change that, won’t we?!”

He was ready to get started!

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