Upgrading Suits

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To make any garment into a well-fitted and individual item is a favorite thing for me – especially when helping our customers with this!

Mixing knowledge of shapes with an ear and eye for what customers want and need, and then add a lot of technique – and there you have it! Upgrading! This time it’s 5 suits. Let’s do this!

In my opinion, the thing is to respect how the garment is made, and then give it a new life by taking it apart an reassembling it again, while still keeping certain areas and details intact. In that way we’ll get products that look “unchanged” – but in reality are absolutly “new”, with a great story to tell. They are individual! And they fit just the way we want them to.

Isn’t that great? Not restricted by just an alteration here and there, but instead rethinking a whole concept.

Let’s go to work!

Sten Martin

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