The Floor Plan

  • The Hallway, looking right


If you look left, you’ll see a glimpse of the Dressing Room a few steps up with its cosy cockle stove right there. And to your right, there’s the Kitchen and Work Room at the end of the dimly lit hallway.

Which way would you like to go – left or right..?

Which way is best for you? Find more clues below.

Here’s a quick floor plan for you.

Going left

Upstairs is the Dressing Room. A low-ceiling but important room. It has to be kept neat and ready at all times, for the owners of the house. It’s our our job to keep it all appealing – both clothes and the room itself. There’s a lot of planning for occations here! And attending to detail. The idea of working with the wardrobe as a compleat entity, is very important indeed.

Going right

At the end of the hallway you’ll find the Kitchen – which is also used as a Laundry Room. It’s of course a bit small for that, but we have to work with what we got. In this room we prepare coffee and tea for our guests, tend to plants, and make upkeep of all the garments with lots of hand-washing. Great workouts! The exercise will keep you alert, fresh and awake!

Finally the Work Room. Here’s where all the magic happens! And also where most of our time is spent. Production. Mending torn garments. Creating new things. Well… actually just heaps of work, right? But also very interesting, and fulfilling! It’s absolutely what we were destined for, and where our passion lies.


The Servants’ Quarters is a room hidden behind the Dressing Room and is not seen or noticed by either owners or guests. It’s here where you can stay, rest and read. It’s also a great hideout if things should end up feeling a bit too much. Remember that resting body and mind could be an important thing for you when you’re passionate about your work, and therefore probably work a lot.

Off limits

A place not detected in the floor plan is The Salon – the grand room. The very place, which we serve with our work. We usually don’t have access here. It’s of course reserved for the owners of the house, and their guests. Short visits for upkeep, preparations and serving is all that’s allowed.