The Dressing Room

The Hallway Left

A room with a vision!

This is actually the residential wardrobe of the house owners! The room is filled with clothes, accessories, shoes and even underwear.

The Dressing Room

Here’s sportswear, inspirational literature, a mirror for personal appearance check-ups, and a heavy rustic wooden table to place garments on while matching outfits. All you need to create a vision!

The curtains of course transform the whole room into a large private dressing room. It has to be pleasant to get dressed! Always. That’s important. We help with that. We make this room the most important one!

Let’s go to work

Helping with getting things done, is an important task here. Your job is to see the whole wardrobe as a compleat entity – a room full of possibilities for a fully thought through appearance for your employer. You have to create looks everyday, for all occasions!

In doing so you need to have knowledge. You need to know what garments actually are – how they’re made and how they will fit. What’s quality and what is not. How do they function and what’s needed for each occasion. You have to be the master – and your work should never ever be a problem or distract in any way! It just has to work. You have to be the only support your employer needs, for him to preform his best! You’re a confidant. You know what has to be done, and what the rules are.

A selection, for an informal summer event.

Your first test

How many tailor-made items do yo think is needed as a minimum, for a fully bespoke wardrobe to work…?