Experiences built on documents found

The year is 1987 – life is good, exciting and full of possibilities!

Spring has finally arrived, sending warm and comforting sun beams through all our windows and outside everything has started to bloom. The scents and colours are wonderful. The City has never looked better!

The economy is booming! Fantastic! Everyone is in on the game – or want to be – and style and fashions are sharp and uncompromising as ever. And of course there’s that scary virus out there, but hey, they say that they have it under control now… And they say only some people, apparently, die from it…

Nobody could see it coming. The crash. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…! Let’s enjoy this moment!

Restored Documents, 1987

Going back there!

How would it be to actually visit a struggling tailor ca. 1987 – wouldn’t you like to know? Well, now you can! We created this complete environment for you to emerge into, with the true look and feel of it all – every nerdy little detail included. Even with an actual tailor working there, to meet and greet you in person!


Our goal is to make it all hyper-realistic. A reality within a reality. That’s why everything is built upon our Restored Documents, 1987 which we continously refere back to, while creating every part of the experience. It will show you all the good and positive sides of creativity and pushing forward no matter what – but will also adress darker moods as economic struggle within a diminishing trade, and hardships while preforming a time-consuming sartorial craft.

Continously evolving

Our re-imagening will evolve with you as we find and restore more and more documents, while searching the premises. And you can be a part of it too! We would love if you could help us! Searching for documents together with us, and learn more and more about how a life with tailoring and creativity can be lived.

Thank you for helping us! We’re ever so grateful!