So many things to choose from

Sometimes the most difficult thing, is to make or take that very specific decision. When options are plenty – like in bespoke tailoring – sorting things out can be a real time consumer. “And what are the rules for decision-making anyway?” the tailor said to himself. “I know tailoring as a technique, I know how to make it. Sure. But what should it actually be?”

As always, when he was stitching along, new and old thoughts and ideas went through his head. It was like, an almost meditative state. Routine motions done for hours and hours has that effect on you – you can let your thoughts wander. And now, his thoughts was slowly taking shape around the denim jeans he was creating. Thread colour. Fit. High waisted or low rise? Choices, choices…

“But” he wondered, “are these choices a real blessing?” And, furthermore, was the choices in front of him actual real ones? If the background for these choices weren’t presented together with them, how could he even make a good decision? Was he coached on his way by others, or, was he completely true to his own path in life – whatever that was…?

It was a strange trail of thoughts he suddenly approached. Could he himself actually decide on how he should create these jeans at hand, without knowing in depth how others did, and had been doing earlier on? Didn’t he have to study big brands and historical garments, before designing his own? Or, could one just trust in that one’s own instinct was an original one, not just shaped into a copy of what was considered ‘correct’?

Well, this felt a bit too complicated for him right now. It had to wait – time for that later, when he wasn’t just as busy as right now. He quickly decided on a fit he remembered from his youth – just a basic tight fit, with a rather high waist, and with a brownish thread colour, reminding him of the golden one’s from back then, memories of the 80’s.

“There! Made it!” He felt blessed that he could even make a pair of classic denim jeans in his workroom! A product most people often thought only could be made in factories far, far away. And was it tailoring? “Well, I think so!” he thought while inspecting the newly made trousers. “Maybe I should start taking notes about how I make these garments I do? Just so I will remember… Maybe a kind of structure, or coherent idea will come out of it…?”

He took a piece of paper and started writing.

What do you think?