May 1, 1987

Main focus areas in the art of tailoring.

  • Making
  • Maintenance of garments made
  • Customer experience
  • Economy
  • Tools
  • Material
  • Time frame
  • Type of garments
  • Other: References, history, documentation, style, critique, fashion, place in society, learning…

Realizing that typing on a typewriter maybe isn’t my best skill at all. But I will [still] try to do my best in this diary, since it’s the information that’s important and I with this system will be able to sort the papers more efficiently, hopefully. Let’s see if it works…

It’s only for myself anyhow. But I will still try to make myself as clear ad possible becase – the point is afterall to teach myself to be more effective, by searching within my own knowlege for clues of a coherent skillset of a craft. My craft.

I’m not really sure what to make of the list above, but I’ll look into that tomorrow. Or maybe now, before bed!