A power jacket

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We need more power-dressing! Right? We need to make statements every single day. So with that in mind, I thought it was high time for a power jacket! And for this one, I’m thinking of merging the comforting feel of a classic countryside look, with a more aggressive wildlife-ish silhouette. Like, taking a stand without making excuses for oneself… As in knowing one’s heritage, and still going for it!

Let’s try this! Let’s transform this design into 3D! Time for some draping… ✂️🧵😊

Shaping denim

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So we need some denim, right? And I was thinking of something really shaped – but still a bit oversized over shoulders and sleeves, allowing a lot of movement for the owner.

So here’s the beginning! Pinned in the shape I’m going for, using our men’s athletic denim jacket template as a starting point. Next thing is to transform that template into a new pattern. Let’s do this!

Fleece development

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Here’s the raw edit of the No. 10-2019 design. Our standard fleece zipped sweater. And the question is now, how it should be updated?

I really like the basic silhouette, and the comfy jersey lining and practical pockets, but I need some more… zing! ⚡️✨ Let’s see what we can do… 😊

Testing 10 (2019)

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So, where are we going with design No. 10-2019…? I’m thinking fleece… ‘cos it’s so cold. But in what shape?

I’m trying out a standard one first and see how it goes. With jersey lining. Cafè-au-lait color. Yes! Let’s do this! Right? ☕️🥛✂️

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