Sten Martin Bespoke Tailoring has since 1989 been reinventing classic tailoring. And since 2016 we have been working on The Bespoke Era Project – to make a fully bespoke wardrobe for one single person, produced under the same roof in our 1795 building. In short, we’re bringing back the classic Fashion House idea. To be truly bespoke in one’s own clothing. To be able to follow the process in every detail.

Alexander is the one the clothes are made for. Feel free to contact him for info on the process at Alexander@StenMartin.com or +45 28 30 64 95. Inquiries regarding fit, fabrics, style, prices and ordering are most welcome too.

Sten Martin is the tailor who makes all the garments. You can contact him through Alexander.

All the garments presented on this site are made by this team. Enjoy!