Progress of Gold Standard

This is our 30th Anniversary Gold Standard Collection in progress Рto be presented in January 2020. All items can be bought. Please contact us for info on how to order your version.

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January 2019

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All snapshots taken by Sten Martin.


Since 1989, Sten Martin Bespoke Tailoring has been reinventing classic tailoring. And since 2016, we have been working intensely on The Bespoke Era Project – to make fully bespoke wardrobes for individual persons. That is, all in-house produced collections and garments, made exclusively in our late 18th century building in down-town Copenhagen. In short, we’re bringing the classic Fashion House idea back!

Alexander is the one that keeps track on customers, collections, deadlines and all the many, many details. On how to visit or order from us, feel free to contact him at or +45 28 30 64 95.

Sten Martin is the tailor who makes all the garments. You can contact him through Alexander.

All the garments presented on this site are made by us –¬† the dynamic duo. Enjoy!


+45 28 30 64 95

Alexander will answer all your questions about our products, and on how to order. Feel free to contact us!